Case Study

Project Management

Brokerage subsidiary of a major investment bank

Client was embarking on a multi-phased project involving a new internet-based order system, selection of a new clearing agent and the acquisition of several regional brokerage companies. Our role was to assist a blended management team, representing business and technology areas, to establish a program management team to manage these disparate but interdependent activities over the estimated four-year completion schedule.

Our initial focus was to identify and vet the firm’s plans for these efforts. During this time we determined interdependencies across each phase as well as the required sequence of events. We assisted senior management in establishing roles and selecting business and technology staff to be assigned to the project.
Once the individual projects were planned, scheduled and staffed we assisted in the day-to-day management including rebalancing resources, resolving conflicts, staging upcoming work efforts and providing temporary staff as required. We continued to support the client throughout each phase by performing various roles as needed.

The client successfully achieved each phase of the plan on schedule and on or under budget. The client realized the projected saving in clearance costs, efficiencies and expanded capacity.