Content Development Testimonials

“The depth of their expertise resulted in a Compliance manual that not only met the   regulatory requirement, but became a valuable resource for the trading, middle office and   operations areas” 
   Chief Compliance Officer – Investment Management Company

“With their guidance we were able to provide our Traders with the tools to quickly reference   a variety of ‘one-off’ functions of our system that are not commonly used”
   Head Trainer – Inter-dealer Broker

“Our project plan specified five subject matter resources for 10 months; they exceeded our   expectations with two subject matter experts in seven months”
   CIO – European Bank

“They took five volumes of our functional documents and distilled into one 50 page   summary that represented 80% of the system functionality; our users were ecstatic with   the results”
   COO – Major US Bank

“Their staff provided the perspective that we needed to help us deliver a great product to   our clients and users”
   Training Director – Broker/Dealer