Emerging Trends in Securities Processing

Brokerage operations continue to evolve in response to the needs of the marketplace and technology drivers. Understand how the changes in business and technology, from the introduction of virtual matching, central securities depositories (CSD) required ongoing modification to how trades settle and assets are serviced. Learn how ongoing and future changes will impact operations.


  • Buy-side proactive participation
  • Impact of electronic trading venues
  • Increased regulatory oversight
  • New regulations
  • Pre-execution compliance
  • Reference data – a light at the end…


  • Discover drivers forcing changes
  • Gain current perspective of regulations
  • Identify critical issues
  • Learn how to leverage technology
  • Sharpen your perspective on changes
  • Understand how technology changes

Staff from the Following Areas Should Attend:

  • Administration
  • Corporate Actions
  • Information Technology
  • Middle Office
  • Operations
  • Regulatory Reporting