Job Aids

Case Study

Customer Service

Regional bank

Our client had grown rapidly through a series of regional bank acquisitions. As a result, the culture of “Customer Service” had grown muddled. Believing that sales grow from “client delight,” the Director of Sales wished to reestablish customer service as the number one priority of the bank. We were engaged to create a signal event for the corporation to announce its rededication to customer service.

The “Corporate Experience” we designed had three inter-related segments: a stand-alone self-study Customer Service module, a structured classroom Learning Event and a coordinated Corporate Communications Campaign. The signal Learning Event created a “living laboratory” in which each participant pursued a personal development regimen, with guidance from a supportive team and a business coach.

We implemented the full campaign for the Call Center over a six-month period. Evaluations were excellent and senior management support increased. The learning events were subsequently incorporated into the core curriculum for all bank new hires. An ongoing corporate magazine was added to the battery of existing corporate communication vehicles and a quarterly recognition program was institutionalized to keep customer service “top of mind.”