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Case Study

New Accounts

Trading and Settlement applications vendor

The client needed to redesign and update training materials for their New Accounts application module. Current reference material had grown unwieldy over the past 16 years as functionality was added and changes were made to meet industry and regulatory requirements. As a result, customer conversion and application training materials were fragmented and ineffective. In addition, there were few reference tools available for use after training was completed.

After reviewing their current New Account reference manuals to assess type of information and format, we interviewed the client’s technical and business staff and their customers who had recently converted to the client’s system to determine their use of and perception of the value of the materials.
After analyzing the results of the interviews, we restructured the reference materials into two sections: one of data required for conversion activities and another of topics to be referenced post conversion. This resulted in minimal redundancy and served to focus on the critical issues. We also created a numbering scheme to support future enhancements and new functions. To complement the reference materials, we developed a “Quick Reference” card containing commonly used functions and associated system commands.

Once these materials were implemented, the client experienced a higher degree of comprehension of the New Accounts module’s functions and the Customer Service desk noted a decrease in post conversion calls related to this module.