Job Aids

Case Study


Trader Quick Reference

Inter-dealer broker with global offices trading bonds, equities, currencies and derivatives

With multiple trading systems there was a need to provide traders and trade support staff with a quick reference guides for the critical data fields of asset specific trading systems. Each reference guide was to be concise and easy to use. The purpose of our engagement was to ease staff transition between trading systems and reduce errors.

We observed traders and trade support staff in the performance of their task to identify their interaction with product reference data, entry of order and execution details. Some staff from each group were interviewed to solicit their input and explore areas of potential improvements. Meetings with Operations and Compliance staff were conducted to determine additional areas of improvement..

We identified four functions that would deliver immediate improvements in the trader’s use of the trading systems and address the functions causing reporting, operations and compliance exceptions. These exceptions were related to recording order and execution details and trade reporting to internal and external trade tacking systems.

We designed two 2-side laminated pages that summarized and presented the four functions in a manner that staff could easily reference, highlighting the common areas causing productivity and accuracy issues.

These job aids reduced incomplete trades requiring reentry or problem resolution. In addition trades were reported, to clients and regulators, on a timely basis.

Traders and Trade Support staff have continued the use of the original four job aids and have developed additional aids to address other functions as they arise.