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Case Study

Accounting System

Broker/Dealer providing fixed income products to retail customers

Client acquired various accounting application modules from different vendors to meet their internal record keeping and reporting requirements. During the acquisition process they identified the need to document how these modules would be integrated and, if possible, provide users with procedural documentation.

The project began with creating a “blueprint” of each module reflecting the functionality provided, interfaces and business areas supported. We then analyzed information to determine optimal documentation format and content design.
Documentation was developed in two phases. The first phase was technical documentation, for the Information Technology staff that would be responsible for the future maintenance and operation of the applications. The second phase was the user-focused documentation, similar to procedural guides, integrating all applications provided by the multiple vendors.

The documentation was delivered and readily accepted after a brief period of “fine tuning” the content. The client has continued to use this format, with annual revisions to reflect vendor and internal changes.