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Case Study

Investment Products

Regional bank

Our client, the Regional Sales Director, was responsible for integrating his sales force with the insurance product sales force of a newly acquired bank .The new sales force had no previous experience in sales of investment products. Its offices were spread across seven states; all representatives worked alone, traveling among designated groups of branch offices.

Within a six-week timeframe, we developed a comprehensive learning program that integrated existing academic training and marketing materials. It was designed to be administered as a decentralized program with a centralized certification process. We developed print materials with embedded learning checkpoints. At identified milestones, corporate subject matter experts tested representatives for mastery.
Once materials were completed, an assessment was conducted at three central locations. The activities required representatives to demonstrate cognitive mastery of the materials and to integrate the information into his or her existing sales skills. Jeremiah Associates facilitated these events together with bank executives and sales managers.

The new sales force was successfully integrated into the existing staff. Sales of investment products grew steadily to goal levels within 180 days from initiation of the training program. All program materials were integrated into the firm’s training program for new hires.