Reference Materials

Case Study

Trading System

Broker/Dealer subsidiary of a global bank

Document the functionality of a global trading system to be developed, replacing a legacy system.

After becoming familiar with the system functions through a combination of the functional specifications, design documents and access to the trading system, we prepared documentation focused on a novice user with little or no prior knowledge of the functions. We provided a FAQ section to address common functions and developed a “Quick Check” page for inquiries into frequently referenced functions and reports.
Our documentation served as the basis for implementing the system and training staff in securities trading and brokerage offices in 17 countries throughout the world’s major financial markets. Changes were incorporated to address business and cultural issues in each market as required.

The client leveraged one application system to support multiple securities trading activities across the major markets. The documentation also served as a “roadmap” for maintenance and enhancements required to keep the system in compliance with regulations and to meet ongoing business requirements.